Flow in my art

“Whatever inspiration is, it’s born from a continuous ‘I don’t know
– Wislawa Szymborska-

Inspiration, spiritual, creativity state of mind, impulse, vision, spark, fire, passion, genius … in the dictionary I found 163 synonyms of the word “inspiration” Is it necessary to create? When it comes and how? Well…I’m going to tell you a little bit about it.

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I get many private messages with questions about how my daily work looks like. I’ m very happy, that you are interested in the details of my creations. Thank you for these questions.

You’ve asked me can I plan my work or I have to wait for a flow? Where I get my inspirations? What do I feel when I paint?  If I like listen to the music or prefer a silence? etc.. Let’s start with the flow.


In fact, it is impossible to plan it. You just have to trust yourself and believe, that everything will come to you at the right time and right moment (I’m using this rules also in life). When I paint, I turn off my mind and I just trust to my feelings and intuition – I think this is the most important thing. Pablo Picasso said about intuition, that it is like having a carrier pigeon with a message, landing on your balcony – “The important thing is knowing that the pigeon has arrived, you don’t have to unroll the message and read it.”


Sunset in Gili Air, 2017

As I wrote to you in my first post, my greatest source of inspirations is travels. Usually, during the travel, I get some new ideas, subjects, shapes or color combinations. Also, I am fascinated by nature. Especially I love birds and their incredible colors, they are just amazing! Don’t they?

"Garden of Love" 2016 Birds fascinated me since I remember. When I was a kid, one of my favorite books was about birds. I also collected egg shells and nests which I found in the forest. Still, I like to watch birds, I like their freedom. From this love, I created my collection of golden birds, which came up in summer 2016. I remember exactly the time when I was going to sleep, I closed my eyes and I saw golden birds among delicate branches and pink flowers. I felt like – ‘this is it’! I wanted to get up and start to paint it, but I was too tired, I just made some sketches in my notebook and wrote my thoughts.  The next day I painted the first painting…

I don’t force anything, I’m just waiting for something that will make me emotionally excited or curious. It could be anything – places, beautiful interior, book, some pictures, music, movie or sometimes inspiration comes to my soul just like that.  I always say that – I create positive art, art for homes, interiors where people feel good. There is a lot of good energy inside me, my state of mind is full of positive thoughts and deep reflections.


Sometimes I need music, sometimes not, it depends on what I paint. When I feel quieter, I use small brushes and I create delicate elements –  like my golden birds, flowers – then I listen mostly meditation or yoga music. Also some chillout, smooth jazz, R’n’B. When I need to use big brushes and paint knives to create some abstraction –  I like to listen to more energetic music. Usually, I choose soundtracks from my favorite movies. I love music from Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore, and Harold Faltermeyer.

Paintings, feelings, energy

“Mint”, 2015

Finally, the question is – how do I feel (or what I feel) when I paint? Am I happy with my artworks? Well… Because my paintings are very different and I use many techniques, I try to look at every artwork in a different way.  Some paintings I would like to paint again,  some of them I miss. One thing is for sure – inside every my artwork you can find a lot of good energy. During creation, I always have a positive state of mind. I care about it, this is very important for me.  I feel high vibration and harmony with myself,  and with my life. I want to share this energy with you. So far, I think my art is being received in this way, which motivates me to continue acting this way.

The biggest reward

I’m very happy when I get messages that I inspired you to some reflections, to make some changes in your life or to make new goals or back to the old ones. This is the greatest reward for me! Thank you that you are with me!

I am a painter who loves to travel, so I decided to connect these two passions and this is how The Art &Travel project has started in 2017  – if you want to support my project click here to read more.

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