Gold vibes part.2

The meaning of the color, symbols, gold in everyday life

Golden – this is a color and light at the same time, it is classified as a warm color. It is associated with luxury, wealth, stability and trust. It evokes rather positive impressions – feelings of joy and well-being.

People who choose this color have a rich insight and know what is best. They carry the highest ideals and benefits of the soul. This color also exists in our everyday dictionary – there are many sayings associated with this color – “Golden interest”, “Speech is silver, and silence with gold” and many more…

In the previous post- Golden vibes part 1, I mentioned that gold has found a place in our interiors and in the fashion industry.

Gold in the history 

TiaraDiadem dated 300-250 BC

Since the dawn of time, great kings and powerful rulers have surrounded themselves with gold. The first golden artifacts appeared in Central Europe from the second millennium BC. in the Bronze Age.

Gold has belonged to the lords, monarchs and higher society. The insignia of power, like scepters, crowns, thrones, and some religious items was made from gold. Ancient Romans and Egyptians were using gold as a payment. It was used (and still is) for the production of valuable, high-quality jewelry. For monarchs and wealthier people, some small, daily accessories were also made from gold. Most often,  it was used – and still is – for the production of high-quality jewelry.

Gold was (and still is) used in the sacred art, in later ages also in palace interiors, for decorating stuccos, picture frames, sculptures and furniture elements.


In artistic shops, you can find many different types of gold leaf. The most popular is a gold foil – this is a similar product to the real gold leaf but is made of an alloy of copper and zinc, also is thicker than the gold leaf. Production of gold leaf developed with the art of gilding, but it isn’t known who first invented a way to manually coating surfaces smallest possible amount of gold. It’s known that the least recently used the gold flakes were Egyptians for about 2,600 years BC. Gold leaves are prepared by rolling and patting gold bars.

Gold in Art

Gold leaf was used by Gustav Klimt in his artworks. Paintings like “Adele Bloch-Bauer” (1907) (or “The Kiss”  are known for everybody. These artworks have been created during the “Golden Age” – a period of Klimt’s fascination with gold. Many of his painting, which he created at that time was decorated with gold leaves. Probably their popularity also stems from the use of this technique. On the one hand, gold is associated with the realm of the mystical, religious association, on the other hand, has real value and high price.

Where does gold come from? 

Gold is extraterrestrial material. In spite of common knowledge, veins of gold are not “born” in the chemical reactions inside the Earth’s crust. Gold was founded in space, would then be “embedded” in the Earth. When the Earth consisted of more liquid magma (4.5 billion years ago), the heaviest elements sank inside her. It is estimated, however, that gold, which is currently in the earth’s crust, mantle and reached the planet later – during the so-called. Great Bombing (four billion years ago), when a huge meteorite hit the planet, containing among other rare elements. Earth excavated to date more than 166 600 tons of gold. This represents only 20 percent trapped in the earth’s crust resources of this metal. But remember…not all gold that glitters.

And how about you, do you like gold?

Click here to see my paintings with gold leaf.


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