Hong Kong state of mind


„You can leave Hong Kong, but it will never leave you”

– Nury Vittachi, Hong Kong: The City of Dreams

I’ve been thinking for a long time how to start my blog, finally, I decided that  I should start with a story about the place, which became the source of my greatest inspiration and the beginning of a new way in my life.

Hong Kong, 2013

Looking for myself

After raising kids I had a long break in my career.  Several years later I wanted to start working again and I had an idea to create my own fashion brand (handbags)– unfortunately, without success… I’ve lost my faith and self-confidence and money. Next years I took a part in several projects. One of them involved traveling to Asia. This time was a blessing to me and gave me a lot of answers to my personal questions – who I am? And what is my purpose in this world? My way to myself began in the most unexpected place – in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong state of mind

Flying to Asia for the first time I felt some kind of fear.  I have heard that you can truly love or hate Hong Kong. In my case, it was a love from the first sight. When I was on my way back to Poland, I couldn’t stop crying. But I was sure, that I would come back there many times. 

I feel Hong Kong in many colors and contrasts. Everyday I used to stopped  above the streets to watching cars passing below me, listening to musicians on the streets, looking on colorful, hurrying up people.  Icould stand like this with my coffee cup for hours, losing my sense of time.

In Hong Kong I felt creative and filled up with the energy.  I felt that everything is possible. For me Hong Kong is one big inspiration. There was so much to discover, so everyday I wanted to see some new street, new place.. I wanted to create my own map of Hong Kong.

Hotel full of art                             

In Hong Kong, Shanghai and Xiamen I used to stay in the Langham hotels. Langham Hotels  are luxury hotels chain with  great history, reaching 1865 – time, when the first hotel was opened in London. Now Langham hotels are located in major cities around the world. Each of them has different, unique style, design. Their interiors are  tasteful, elegant and full artoworks.


The owners of the Langham Hotels are very active art collectors for many decades. They have started to show their exhibits in their hotels worldwide. The collection in Hong Kong Langham hotel comprises of no less than 1500 pieces of art. The presence of art in hotel interiors makes you feel like in a cozy gallery. Paintings, installations, sculptures can be found in many places in the hotel. When I was surrounded by art I felt so inspired…and I realized that I want to back to my roots, to my talent, to my truly purpose and start creating that kind of art, which has soothing influence on the mind, art for homes, interiors and hotels. Art for people.

Henri Matisse’s words became my motto „What I dream of is an art of balance, of (…) soothing, calming influence on the mind, rather like a good armchair which provides relaxation from physical fatigue.”


I am a painter who loves to travel, so I decided to connect these two passions and this is how The Art &Travel project has started in 2017 (if you want to support my

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