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Inspiration comes from travels

My greatest inspiration is traveling. If you love travels too, you know what I mean… You feel excited about a new place,  you want to keep that state of mind for longer… You taking a lot of pictures, enjoying every moment, trying to remember a lot of details like tastes, smells, colors, lights.  I feel the same and even more –  I want to paint!

In June 2017, I’ve started my project Art&Travel and I am trying to implement it, as far as my financial abilities allow me. You can already see my paintings from Bali, Ibiza, and also artworks inspired by Madrid and Berlin trips.


My project Art&Travel project is based on positive vibes and energy.
I want to experience the wonders of the world and paint the beauty of my travels and share it with people. My goal is to create paintings across cultures and countries to visualize the beauty of the world to others.

The final result

„Art & Travel” collection would be shown in the exhibition in the

end of the 2018 year.

Also, I want to create an album/ guide a travel diary about
places which I’ve visited, full of photos, tips, information about each country included pictures of my artworks in printed and digital version.

Crowdfunding campaign

I have decided to open a campaign in one of a crowdfunding platform, you can check it here.

I have a ready map with some destinations for my project. But I am very curious about your ideas, please leave a comment where should I go, maybe you want me to visit your country? If yes, please tell me the reasons why your country is so special, maybe you can recommend me some inspiring places?

I’m waiting for your support and ideas!

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