Painting “Bamboo Forest”- inspired by nature

“The richness I achieve comes from nature, the source of my inspiration”

Claude Monet

I have visited Bali first time in 2016. It was love at first sight. Last year I decided to spend few months in Bali to explore the island and get some inspirations for my art.  During that time I have visited many beautiful places, after one of these trips I created a painting “Bamboo Forest”. Check what inspired me.

Trekking with local

In Bali, I like to choose non-tourist roads, get to know the local community and see the real life of this country. One day I was on trekking with my Balinese friend Toto, who is a local guide in East part of Bali.

It was 3 hours and 10km full of inspirations.

The richness of nature

I had an opportunity to see (the first time in my life) a flower of banana, wild pineapples and I could eat fresh passion fruit just exactly from the tree.

My friend has a lot of knowledge about local nature, he showed me many plants, which Balinese people using for medicine.  During our trip, we were in the forest, where people still live in their small houses and manufactured things in a traditional way.I have seen a honey home production (honey from special black bees, produced from mango and coffee flowers) and also a local wine production (palm wine).

Painting inspired by the bamboo forest

One part of the road led through the forest of bamboo. They have beautiful color, but you shouldn’t touch – they could have some very small needles which may cause skin irritation and itching. This is s very strong tree, Balinese people using bamboo as a building material.
For me, bamboo trees are mysterious. I don’t know why, but they have some different energy than others. That trip was very inspiring to me. Next days I’ve painted my interpretation of bamboo forest, more colorful and lively.

If you follow my Instagram, you probably noticed little, ginger cat. I found him in the forest during that trip and I took him home, it was love from the first sight. His name is Ginger, now he is with my friends, waiting until I back again. My Bali adventure is not ended. Stay tuned.

I found my little friend Ginger

I am a painter who loves to travel, so I decided to connect these two passions and this is how The Art &Travel project has started in 2017 (if you want to support my project click here to read more)

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