How to start mediate – 7 easy steps

“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you”

Deepak Chopra

Most people think that meditation needs a huge effort –  you have to sit down, work hard on your concentration, clear your mind and try to feel some special state of mind, you think you’re supposed to have.. sounds like a hard work, right? But the truth is, that – effective meditation is actually effortless.

Here are some tips for start practicing in easy, natural way… and don’t worry anybody says that you have to spend hours sitting in the cave-like buddhas in Bali. Five minutes will be enough for the beginning.

Benefits for body and soul

Benefits of meditation include stress reduction, anxiety and overthinkingOnce you begin to practice soon you will feel more quiet and peaceful. You can go deep to your insight and get some answers for yourself – Prayer is speaking to God, meditation is listening (Jennifer Toma) But please, don’t expect an overnight miracle, you have to practice. Like anything – practice makes perfect!

Monkey Mind

This moment, when you try to silence your mind, but still is full of thoughts – is called „monkey mind”.   Our mind is working all the time, is full of thoughts and they’re supposed to be there. Don’t fight with them, just treat your thoughts like a cloud flowing in the sky, let them flow.. just „look” at them,  but not focus on them, they’re just background noise.

Tools for meditation

Nowadays you can find a lot of things to help you start your daily meditation. For the beginning, I recommend you guided meditation. Youtube channel is full of meditation music, guided meditation etc. Also on your smartphone, you can download some special apps – I’m using ”Insight Timer” app. In this app you can choose what kind of meditation you need, topic and time. The most important is quality of the recording, you have to feel comfortable with the voice of your guide as well as music.

Your first meditation

The best time for meditation is morning or evening time, try to create your new healthy habit.

  1. Start it small -with 5 -10 minutes – one short session is better than too long, forced practice.
  2. Find a quiet and comfortable place, where you won’t be disturbed, mute notifications and incoming calls on your smartphone.
  3. Find a comfortable position – you can sit or lay down – as long as you feel are comfortable and relaxed.  You can sit cross-legged on the floor (or meditation pillow) on the chair or lay down on the bed. The palms of your hands should be faced up, eyes closed. You can use sleeping mask.
  4. Use your headphones for better effect if you using guided meditation or music. This kind of app also offer soft timer bell, then you can’t stop worrying about the time.
  5. Pay attention to the sensations of taking breaths, you can count them, it helps you to focus, and your mind gets some task. Try to breathe slowly and deep but in your natural way.
  6. Be present, pay attention to your body – how each body part feels. Start with from your toes way up to your head, then bring your thoughts back to your breath.
  7. After the session gives yourself some time for „back to reality”, don’t check your smartphone for few minutes, etc. Observe how you feel, listen to yourself. You can write down your thoughts or impression after meditation, write some kind of diary. For example – my habit after meditation is that I repeat some few positive affirmations.

My daily meditation

For as long as I can remember, I have felt fear and anxiety throughout my life. Meditation helped me to reduce these feelings and start to feel safe. 

I try to practice every day, usually 10-30 minutes. My first meditation is in the morning (lying in bed) and second in the evening – on the floor on my meditation pillow. I like to light a candle and incense sticks, I use headphones with guided meditation or relaxing music ( Insight Timer app) and sleeping mask.

Long hours meditation I practice during long flights, it is a good idea for a long travel.

One minute meditation

Can you find only one minute during your busy or stressful day? I’m sure you can, try this one minute meditation by Martin Boroson:

Believe me, it’s working!

At the end of beautiful quotes from the Dalai Lama:

“If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.”

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