Golden vibes only part 1

Gold vibes only – how I start working with the gold in art, which I create.

Hindu housewives hold 11% of world gold. This is more than the reserves of the USA, Switzerland, Germany and the International Monetary Fund have together – I don’t know if this is true, but I found that information when I was searching some info about my favorite metal.

Gold has always aroused great emotions. Gold was always a synonym of wealth, power, beauty and also a permanent and acceptable form of capital. Some people love gold, others hate it. However, it has always fascinated people and gold has been a hero of many stories since the dawn of time.

Aurophobia is supposedly fear of gold, but I am sure, that this is not my problem. I love gold in many ways. I like golden accessories in the interiors, gold jewelry, like an accent in fashion, and of course in art. In my first post, I mentioned traveled a lot in Asia.

As you know, the Chinese people love gold. I found gold almost everywhere in China. I felt inspired, and I returned home with the new idea of creating paintings with a golden color. Sometimes later I created “Touch of Gold” collection for Mint Grey ( luxury interior boutique in Warsaw). But before I found a satisfactory method and technique of putting gold, I made many tests and research.

          Golden beginnings

“Golden desert” 2015, gold acrylic paint
“Golden Dream”, 2016, 24 carats gold


My first golden painting was made at the beginning of 2015, but I wasn’t satisfied with the acrylic or oil effect of golden paint. So, I have started to experiment with a gold leaf, which, finally I covered the whole canvas and effect was amazing!


With a special application technique, I’ve got an interesting effect, which reminds me of frozen glass, a memory from my childhood, when the frost painted flowers in the windows of my house. Gold leaf has become a permanent element of my art. I’m happy that many people like that effect and it become popular, especially my pattern with golden birds.

Gold in fashion

In the first article, I mentioned that a few years ago I have tried to find myself in the fashion industry.
I created a brand of handmade handbags inspired by fashion & colors of Hong Kong. But I don’t continue this story anymore. Still, I have one of my favorites – golden clutch.





Part of my golden “Touch of Gold” collection for Mint Grey (2016): 

Some golden inspirations in the interiors:,,,,, ,, archiwum własne

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