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Post about how the name White Shirt Art was created and why …


My first photo in a white shirt, May 2015

In spring 2015, when I was returning to my artistic activity, I still had my small studio in the attic. I was unsure about myself and my art so I wanted to hide. There wasn’t much space and I had only one little window. I was using some old clothes to work. But one day I felt that I need a change… Of course, it wasn’t „just like that”, it was an insight process, I felt that this is the right time, now or never. I can show myself to the world or hiding forever in the dark attic.

I found a new, bigger space in one of my house’s rooms. Meanwhile, I was doing some spring cleaning, I found two white shirts and I thought – when we’re going to the gallery, we usually care about a nice outfit – why don’t look the same elegant during the process? Of course, paint leaves some marks, but how nice!

New energy

I was standing in front of the easel in the white shirt, with a completely different, new energy. I felt more confident and I decided to show up myself and my work to the world. I stopped comparing myself to others and losing my time to wonder what other people think or say.  One time I’ve read some quote, which became my motto – somewhere in this world there is someone, who will love your art and want to pay for it.

The white shirt has a symbolic meaning for me – it is like a blank white page, which you can start all over again. Only you can create your reality, you decide which colors you’ll use.

White Shirt Art style

In time, a painted white shirt has become my hallmark. I started to get inquiries about painted shirts.

Clients usually sending me their own shirt, they choosing colors and then I paint something unique pattern. I started to think about my own products.

The first, ready, handmade shirts were made in Bali. I like to control the process. I’ve chosen the best quality paints and fabrics, such as linen and rayon, both are very comfortable. My painted shirts can be machine washed, in 30 degrees without worrying about dyeing. The style of shirts, I have designed, is casual, comfort is very important to me.

I was thinking about my own painting shirts for a long time. I have to say that many people encouraged and motivated me tome to do this. I have many plans and ideas. Now I’m testing new fabrics, but still, I making individual orders for clients – not only shirts but also shoes, jeans or handbags.

At this point, I would like to thank my first client – Mrs. Kasia – she was the first person who sent me her new white shirt for painting.

I also get many positive comments and messages from you on the Instagram, thank you, I appreciate every positive word!


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